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When did you back up all your files last?

All companies need a functioning backup solution. It is a vital insurance if an accident should occur. For many companies, it would mean direct disastrous consequences if their data was lost at such a technical failure, fire or theft.

Remote back up

Remote backup is a cloud-based service that allows your files automatically to be backed up and stored safely in our storage servers in the cloud and so are all of your information in two geographically different locations. It is a far more cost effective and more reliable service than traditional backup solutions.

Our remote backup is also easy to use and it requires no work from you after installation. We handle the entire process and sends regular reports to you

25 or 2500 GB?

Maybe more or less? Whether we have room for your data and makes sure it is secure.



You receive continuous daily backup. All data is saved safely.

Encrypted &

Your your valuable data is safely stored in caverns elsewhere in encrypted format.

 From 495 SEK/month

With our affordable packages a secure back-up solution is not costly. Contact us to learn more.

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How it works

  • Every night we synchronize your important information encrypted via the Internet with our servers.
  • Confirmation of completed backups are sent every morning via email to one or more manager(s) with you.
  • Through an easy to use software allows you to quickly and safely restore files about the accident, such as fire, theft or hard drive failure, should occur.
  • All transfer and storage are protected with 128bit encryption.
  • For your safety our server room is located in a mountaion, equipped with dual Internet accesses, mirrored hard drives, UPS and generators.
  • Additionally, to replicate all stored information to a third server in another location.


  • Always backed up data
  • Encrypted secure
  • Ease of installation
  • Suitable for Windows, Mac, Linux, Novell and others
  • Scheduled backup
  • Reports
  • Replication to another location

Always backed up data.
Safe & Secure

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